meAtGrinders   I got hooked on dive bars when bootstrapping my way through college. I worked as cocktail waitress at the Granary in Warrensburg, Missouri, and pocketed the money from the pool tables at my stepdad’s country music bar, The Ozark Inn, to cover tuition. Pool table quarters paid for a good chunk of my journalism degree and whet my appetite for the bottomless stories from the characters that hang out in local pubs, tattered taverns, seedy saloons and dirty dives that serve beer cheap.

Today I prefer to dine at the bar rather than a restaurant table because it places you in the epicenter. And one of my favorite vacations was when my Uncle Gary, rest his soul,  treated my sister, mother and me to an adult beverage in every dive bar from Homer to Soldotna, Alaksa.

In honor of my bar loving roots, let me tell you about my favorite watering holes in Kansas City. Please poke around this site to learn about how Kansas City’s most endearing pubs got their start and outlasted some piss poor times, including mafia bombings in the River Quay, recessions, national franchise competition, and the passing of indoor smoke-free laws.

Let me be your guide to the cheapest beer, friendliest and most cantankerous owners, juiciest burgers and best music and most frivolous entertainment in the Midwest.

Finally, please consider buying a copy the the book Eat, Drink, Dive in Kansas City when it hits the street June 2015. The more book sales the more bar reviews and juicy stories that will be posted right here.