4 Eco-Friendly, Green Things to Do in Kansas City

Going green has never been more in vogue and important to our planet. Hospitality and restaurant 2020 eco-friendly trends included:

  1. Cutting down on food waste, using more organic foods and menus with plant-based foods
  2. Minimizing water useage
  3. Eliminating single-use plastic in hotels, bars, and restaurants
  4. Conserving energy through smart design
  5. Buying from local food sources

Do you support green businesses and foster green habits?  Did you know that antiquing is considered a sustainable hobby? You’re basically given an item another life or use by purchasing an antique vs. a newly made product.

The Green Door Antiques

This art and antique store located in the West Bottoms keeps a very low profile with just a Facebook page and Saturday hours only. The merchandise is mouthwatering. You can purchase items over the phone if you can’t wait until Saturday to claim your find.

Green Door Antiques Painting
Purchase this painting at The Green Door Antiques in the West Bottoms by calling 816-419-7850,
Green Door Antiiques
Another find at The Green Door Antiques.


Green Lady Lounge

Did you know there was a cost to listening to CDs or streamed music? According to studies by the University of Glasgow, it takes more of a toll on the environment to stream music than to make music live or listen to a live band.

That should make you feel good about going to the Green Lady Lounge in Kansas City.

The Green Lady Lounge is a gift its owner John Scott gave to Kansas City in 2013. The sexy club infuses Kansas City with live jazz seven days a week with no cover. Scott once described his business model for the Green Lady Lounge as, “Stiff drinks, good jazz, no homicides.”

The club is safely located in  the heart of the Crossroads District and has a line-up of muscians you should be forking out major dough to hear. Don’t let the drab outside of the building detour you. The inside is rich with velvet and a sharp dressed wait staff.

The Green Lady Lounge
Green Lady Lounge is a step back in time. A time when you listened to music, not TV. When you were glued to jazz, not laptops.

Green Dirt Farm

Buying locally sourced food is good for the planet. Green Dirt Farm is a sheep farm that makes artisan cheese. Visit the Green Dirt Farm Cafe in Weston to enjoy a cheese board, lunch, and ice cream. Or for $15, book a tour and tasting at the actual farm where you can see the pastures, milking parlour, and cheese kitchen.

Green Dirt Farm
Green Dirt Farm’s logo is the cutest darn thing we’ve ever seen.
Green Dirt Farm
Tour the pastures and milking parlour at Green Dirt Farms in Weston, Mo.


GreenAcres Market

Finally a food store that puts the fun and dignity back into grocery shopping. Green Acres is easy to get in and out of, but be warned, you’ll want to linger. You’ll find yourself (1) smelling essential oil samples (2) tasting the latest non-dairy cheese  (3) sitting in on an educational class on stress reduction (4) learning the source where they get their quail eggs (5) having a salad and quiche with a friend in the dining area.

The store is located in the Village at Briarcliff, which is the northland version of the Country Club Plaza. Green Acres has a sunny patio to sip your coffee and eat your gluten-free muffin on. During the summer weekends, Green Acres has an outdoor farmer’s market as well.

Village at Briarcliff
The Village at Briarcliff is the only shopping center with 100% locally owned stores.

Green Acres is what you’d expect to find in Portland, but not in Kansas City. It hosts happy hour ever Tuesday from 4 – 7 p.m. Get 10% off your wine and beer purchases.

Green Acres Market
Fresh organic produce sourced local.

Enjoy free samples every Thursday (May – September) from 4 – 7 p.m during Local’s Nights.

These four “green” Kansas City destinations should bring you joy, health, and reduce your carbon footprint in the Midwest. What other green establishments do your support and why?




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