Blip Coffee Roasters

Coffee for Motorcycle Enthusiasts

We’re dreaming of a cup of hot Cascara on the West Bottoms patio of Blip Coffee Roasters. There’s nothing better than sipping the cherry tea in a warehouse that once watched trains pass by.

Coffee With a Dash of Masculinity

Blip Coffee Roasters

Blip’s approach to coffee is masculine. The shop is industrial biker chic. It’s where KC roasted beans meets bike culture. It’s a place where you can sip a brew, bring your dog, grab a beer, rev your engine, and enjoy live music. It’s a place that focuses on community and conversation.

Blip Coffee Roasters’ events almost always center around motorcycle culture. With weekly Bike Nights and seasonal events like “Bliptoberfest” which features a headless “horseman” riding a chopper, Blip keeps the entertainment rolling.

Blip Coffee Roasters Brings the Beans

Blip brews its beans in-house with a focus on sustainability and renewability. They care about the origins of their coffee and seek to find beans at or above fair-trade market rates from farmers throughout the world. Flavors include DR Congo (coffee with notes of stone fruit, raisins, malt, honey, and meyer lemon), Rwanda, Espresso, Brazil Cerrado (coffee with flavor notes of dark chocolate, and salted caramel), Decaf Brazil Mogiana (notes of cream, walnut and cocoa puffs), and Cascara Coffee Cherry Tea (my favorite).

If you’re hungry, check Blip Coffee Roasters’ Facebook page for frequent food pop-ups. They’ve been known to host food from creative outlets such as Velouté Beignets, Tasty Unicorn, Spicy Moon, and I’ll Be Dogged.

While visiting the West Bottoms, don’t forget to stop by one of our favorite KC breweries.

All images courtesy of Blip Roasters.

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