Green Dirt Farm Creamery & Café

Grass Fed Sheep Milk & Cheese

a wooden platter of artisan cheese sits ready to eat at green dirt farm

Farms are the backbone of the Midwest, and Green Dirt Farm is a shining example of Midwest creativity. Located in Weston, just forty miles northwest of Kansas City, Green Dirt Farms is an artisan cheesemaker, a farm-fresh cafe, and an event space where pasture grasses and hills frame the view.

Green Dirt Farm Brings the Cheese

Cheese. It all started with cheese.

Green Dirt Farm makes and sells award-winning milk and 100% sheep’s milk cheeses. Their sheep are grass-fed and loved. Green Dirt focuses on caring for their farm, their animals, and the planet.

“Our challenge is to create an environmentally sustainable business, producing high-quality cheese and yogurt that will make a lasting contribution to the wellbeing of our employees and our community.”

Green Dirt Farm

If you love a good origin story, Sarah Hoffmann, the head cheese at Green Dirt Farm Creamery & Café, doesn’t fail to deliver. She wanted to raise her kids where they could run around in the fresh air and “experience the joy and life lessons that happen when you grow up on a farm.”

Sarah had minimal farm and cheese experience, but she used what she had and continued to learn. After six years of study, she produced the farm’s first commercial cheese in 2008. Now she sells an arsenal of cheeses ranging from an earthy rind sheep cheese called “Dirt” to herby, spreadable cheeses served lactic style.

The Café

Green Dirt Farm’s Weston Cafe is farm fresh and delicious with the option to eat in, order to go, or work with the farm’s catering team.

One of their most popular sandwiches is called “Join The Club.” The club sandwich can be served on traditional or gluten-free bread and is complimented by smoked ham, roasted turkey, bacon, pickled green tomato, a perfect, crunchy pickle, and of course, farm-made cheeses. All of their sandwiches are fully customizable, so while you can start with their pre-made menu, it’s pretty easy to customize and get exactly what you crave.

Might I suggest the Club with a local beer from Blvd?

Beyond the sandwich, they sell charcuterie boards that pair with local wine. And if you have a sweet tooth, you can finish your meal with ice cream made on the farm. The GDF Creamery is a local favorite.

Green Dirt Farm Events

Green Dirt Farm hosts events with plans to welcome guests back to the farm this fall. Their Farm Table Dinners and Cheese Tasting Classes are among their most popular events and always feature a local flair, be it a Kansas City foodie or chef or the addition of a local beer or wine.

Tickets for the Farm Table Dinners go fast and can be purchased on their website. The meals are centered around seasonal farm products and humanely raised lamb meat. However, a specific menu for the meal is not released until about 1-2 weeks before the event. The menu is contingent upon what’s fresh, seasonal, and available, keeping with the farm’s penchant for sustainability.

If you just want to spend the day frolicking on a farm, living your best life, they also offer educational tours. Guests can view the milking parlour and cheese kitchen while getting the inside scoop on all things Green Dirt Farm. Farm tours run throughout the day on Saturday and Sunday and cost just $15 per person.

A local tip? Bring your blanket, grab some cheese from the retail store, and make your own picnic.

A trip to Green Dirt Farm is well worth the trip. It brings a taste of Missouri to a setting that celebrates the area’s natural beauty.

Photo Credit: Green Dirt Farm

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