Twin City Tavern

Once Voted Best Neighbor Bar in Midtown

Twin City Tavern is low-key, dive like and endearing. The Midtown Tavern isn’t much to look at but has been around since the 1930s.

Twin City Tavern
Twin City Tavern is a KC dive bar favorite.

Why the lengthy dive bar run? Twin City Tavern knows how to adjust to the times. It added an outdoor heated dining area (aka smoker’s den) in its parking lot. That heated, outdoor area served Twin City Tavern well during the pandemic — providing comfortable outdoor dining for all.

Smoker Hut at Twin City Tavern

Twin City Tavern is known for its shrimp, steak, and is said to have the most underrated cheeseburger in town. Drop by Sundays for homemade lasagne.

It’s owned by a set of twins — Kim Moffitt and her twin brother, Chris Hervey.

You’ll find the legendary Kansas City dive bar at the junction of State Line and Westport roads. Because of its cheap drink specials and extremely mellow atmosphere, it draws an eclectic crowd, including judges, cops, students from KU Med, law-abiding citizens and heavily tattooed and pierced rebels who look like they’re up to no good but who knows.

Be it beefcakes or prepsters, Twin City Tavern takes care of its own. With a Facebook following of 5,000, don’t go in looking for trouble or you might not come out.

Twin City was voted Best of Kansas City in 2013 in the category of Best Hideout During the Zombie Apocalypse. Few windows mean few access points for undead bastards. Even the concrete, slightly raised back patio has an iron railing that feels like a perimeter guard against outside threats

Drop by to play trivia during happy hour. Compete in Jeopardy and Who Wants to Be a Millionaire.

Fridays and Saturdays are earmarked for Twin City’s famous spicy, beer-boiled shrimp. Whatever night (or day) you drop by, the bourbon flows as strong as the Missouri River.



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