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SPIN! Pizza Kansas City has been a KC favorite since it served its first Neapolitan pie in 2005. SPIN! uses flavor-packed, fresh ingredients to top their pizzas which are roasted daily in a stone oven. Just one of the reasons why SPIN! is one of KC’s most popular pizza purveyors.

Let’s Start With Food

SPIN! uses multiple massive ovens to ensure that their Naples-based flavors are as close to authentic as possible. The toppings are fresh and straightforward. You’ll find classic cheese, Margherita, and pepperoni, with goat cheese being about as weird as things get. But Spin! doesn’t need weird to draw in a crowd.

Inspired by James Beard Award-Winning Chef Michael Smith, the menu has been tested by Kansas Citians for years. I guess you could say it’s pizza perfect.

Pizzas range from original crust to gluten-free to pizzas for our Vegan friends, ensuring that no one is left out of the pizza party.

Alex of SPIN! Pizza Kansas City’s Main Street location shared with us that gluten-free pizzas are prepared in a separate oven, adding that SPIN! offers traditional gluten-free crusts and cauliflower.

TIP: If there’s a menu item you miss from SPIN!’s days as “SPIN! Neapolitan Pizza” (the name and menu changed in 2018), the team will try their best to accommodate your request.

Beyond pizza, you will find some fantastic salads (with made-from-scratch dressings), soup (also homemade), sandwiches (including Vegan options), and gelato (don’t you dare leave without trying some).

The creamy gelato will have you singing the tarantella with flavors that scream “that’s amore.” Flavors include banana fudge praline, blueberry butter cookie, cafe mocha, malt with crushed malt balls, peanut butter cup, pumpkin cheesecake, and tiramisu.

And Now Drinks

SPIN! offers a carefully curated selection of wine served by the glass or carafe as well as sangria and beers. On tap, they keep a local selection as well as locally bottled and brewed Boulevard Pale Ale and Tank 7.

TIP: SPIN!’s patio is the perfect place to spend a summer night, and you can bring your own bottle of wine, which they will cork for $5.

Finding Spin! Pizza Kansas City

With locations in Texas and throughout Kansas, you will have no problem finding a SPIN! near you. The SPIN! Pizza Kansas City location has indoor and outdoor seating, or you can choose delivery or takeout. They also currently have the option of curbside takeout.

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