11 Farm to Table Restaurants You’d Be a Fool Not to Try

Stand aside BBQ hotspots and share the limelight with these 11 delectable farm-to-table restaurants in Kansas City. To get a true taste of Kansas City, taste fresh, earthy healthy dishes served at these amazing farm-to-table restaurants that continue to be foodie favorites in Kansas City.

Eat Good, Do Good: Farm to Table Style

Farm-to-table means the establishment or chef has a direct relationship with the farmer and that many of the ingredients used in the menu were locally sourced. That doesn’t just benefit you but also the whole community.

Locally sourced food travels fewer miles to get from the field to your plate so creates. Also, many small-scale farmers use sustainable practices to increase the productivity of their land which means it has less negative ecological impacts than conventional and large-scale agriculture. For you, the diner, the benefit is food that is more nutrient-dense and flavorful. Meaning it doesn’t just taste better, it’s also better for you.

Here are a few recommendations for some of the best farm-to-table restaurants and a true taste of Kansas City:

Farm to Table Trifecta in KC

farm to table restaurants

  1. Heirloom Bakery & Hearth 

401 E. 63rd St., Kansas City, MO | 816.492.7259

Located at the gateway of the newly recognized East Brookside, Heirloom serves up delightful and delicious farm-to-table breakfast, brunch and lunch fare. Try not to drool on the glass of the pastry display that includes sweet and savory cookies, hand pies and galettes made with seasonal produce in addition to locally and regionally sourced butter, eggs and flour. The eatery also has a Wednesday happy hour and special dinners and partner pop-ups with local brewery BKS Artisan Ales. Enjoy the familiar and comforting food in the beautiful interior or on the patio surrounded by container beds where they grow their own herbs and greens.

2. The Town Co. 

1228 Baltimore Ave., Kansas City MO | 816.895.0381

Head downtown for one of the best meals of your life at The Town Co. inside the historic Hotel Kansas City. Executive Chef Johnny Leach and Executive Pastry Chef Helen Jo Leach incorporate seasonal and locally sourced ingredients into every dish including desserts like edible flowers on a cake or local preserved pears with Riesling shaved ice. The food may seem fancy but the atmosphere is comfortable and intimate. There’s no bad seat in the house but I’d recommend sitting at the bar to watch the team working around the open fire hearth.

Broadmoor Bistro
Smoked Crispy Pork Belly White Cheddar Grits Pickled Radish Onions Arugula and Micro Kale

3. Broadmoor Bistro

8200 W. 71st St., Overland Park, KS | 913.993.9752

This is a place that not only cultivates local food but local talent. You can enjoy breakfast, lunch or dinner at Broadmoor Bistro, which hosts the oldest Signature Program offered by Shawnee Mission School District. The only high school culinary program to partner with the James Beard Foundation, student chefs and staff are supervised and taught by professional staff. In addition, the restaurant sources food from its own half-acre farm and greenhouse located outside the restaurant. According to Bistro Bakery and Farm manager Bob Brassard, cooking to the harvest helps develop critical and creative thinking skills when menu planning. Cooking to the harvest also reduces food waste and ensures the menu remains locally sourced. The restaurant offers fixed-price Wednesday dinners with menus designed and executed entirely by the students.

Heirloom Bakery, The Town Co., and Broadmoor Bistro,  are just a few of the noteworthy places in Kansas City, but the bi-state metro has so many more. Here are some of my other faves:

8 Other F2B Restaurants to Try in KC

  1. Deep Roots Restaurant & Bar

2. Homesteader Café 

3. Blue Bird Bistro

4. The Stillwell at Loews Hotel 

5. Antler Room

6. Westport Cafe and Bar 

7. Canihaveabite

8. Canary Bar & Bistro 

Want to try farm to table as a takeout treat? Consider a local food meal kit being offered this summer by The KC Food Hub and Cultivate KC. Each box contains recipes from a local chef using locally sourced ingredients. Learn more https://www.cultivatekc.org/meal-kits/



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