Hungry for More KC Chiefs? Eat This.

Famous people get things named after them, such as our famed KC Chiefs players.

Chiefs Fan Food
KC Chiefs Season Ticket Holder. Photo: Andrew Mather

That’s how we run it back in Kansas City. If we love you, we’ll name a pizza after you as Minsky’s did with the Kelceroni. The Kelceroni is topped with Soppressata salami, Wisconsin mozzarella cheese, pepperoni that is cupped and charred (I’m not even going to try to guess the correlation).

Patrick Mahomes, Travis Kelce, Andy Ried, and the Honey Badger aren’t getting a bridge or boulevard named after them. Instead, they’re being knighted by fans of Chiefs Kingdom by getting sandwiches, hot sauces, cannoli, and cupcakes named after them.

Those Salty KC Chiefs

Salty, spicy, tangy – Chiefs fans enjoy the taste of a win celebrated with great food like the KC Chiefs- themed entrees at The Well, KC Cuts, Scimecas Deli, Spicin’ Foods, and Meshuggah Bagels.

The Well serves a Mahomes sandwich, which features fried mac and cheese, ribeye steak, Swiss cheese, house-made jumbo tater tots, onion rings, cheese curds, and Sriracha ketchup. The tower sandwich is so full of carbs, gluten, and dairy that Tom Brady would never order it.


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KC Upper Cuts butcher shop pre-makes hamburger patties themed by KC Chiefs players. The Mahomes burger is filled with three kinds of cheese. The Kelcie’s Hot Hands is extra spicy, just like our favorite tight end himself. The Cheetah is filled with garlic and bacon. You pick, KC Upper Cuts will patty as many as you’d like. KC Upper Cuts are farmers and butchers who have been serving prime beef to the Kansas City community since 2015.

KC Chiefs love Italian

Scimecas Deli is located in an adorable storefront in North Kansas City at  1611 Swift. The family has been operating the deli since 1935 and we love that.

Last Super Bowl Scimecas introduced a “Run It Back” catering menu with sandwiches named The Gamer (Roast Beef, Turkey, Ham, and American Cheese) and The Mahomie Muffaletta (Salami, Pepperoni, hot ham, Mortadella, and Provolone). You can advance order these whole loaf sandwiches for $39.99 each again to honor the Super Bowl run the KC Chiefs are on once again. Give Scimecas a couple of days advance notice for your order when you call (816) 599-6020.

KC Chiefs Player Hot Sauces
Kelce didn’t make this line-up as he has an equity stake in another hot sauce company.

Spicin Foods packages the heat that  KC Chiefs’ players bring to the game in a bottle The Griller’s Series Variety Pack feature’s six KC Chiefs players. According to Spicin’ Foods’ tagline, “Pain is Good.” Our rugged Chiefs players probably would agree.

Kansas City Reaper BBQ (Patrick Mahomes #15)

Trinidad Scorpion BBQ (Clyde Edwards-Helaire # 25)

Ghost Pepper Hot Sauce (Tyreek Hill #10)

Cayenne Hot Sauce (Frank Clark #55)

Chipotle Hot Sauce (Chris Jones #95)

Habanero Hot Sauce (Tyrann Mathieu #32)

Meshuggah Bagels sells red and gold bagels win the Chiefs are on a Super Bowl run. Meshuggah has a Power & Light, 39th Street, and Overland Park location in the KC Metro.


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Sweet on the KC Chiefs

Everybody seems to be sweet on the Chiefs these days, especially local bakers in Kansas City. Sweet Petites and Spread KC are doing a pop-up on Jan. 30 to celebrate the Chiefs vs. Bengals playoff game.

If you love cupcakes, head to Love and Frosting Baking Shop in St. Joseph, MO. They’re frosting Mahome cupcakes faster than Big Pharma is cranking out vaccines to keep up with Covid.

Scimecas also offers a “Run it Back” cannoli as part of its dessert tray menu. You can order a dozen Chief’s themed cannolis for $50.

Drunk on the KC Chiefs

If you’d rather pay homage to the KC Chiefs with a cocktail, head to Coach’s Sports Bar or Chappell’s Restaurant and Sports Museum. Chappell’s Bar Manager Chris Lewis has worked at this Northland restaurant for 22 years.

Chris would be glad to make you a Mahomes Magic Mule for $6 (Pearl Pomegranate Vodka, Ginger Beer, and a splash of Cranberry), a Jack Honey Badger shot for $4, Andy’s Rum Old Fashion for $7 (Bacardi Reserve, 8-year rum, Orange, cherry and a dash of Angostura bitters), or The Cheetah for $5 (Titos Vodka, Lemonade, Grapefruit juice, splash of Grenadine).

Mahomes Magic Mule drink
Chris Lewis holds a Mahomes Magic Mule at Chappel’s Sports Bar.

Jim Chappell opened Chappell’s in 1986 and it quickly became a local favorite. His sports memorabilia collection is worth a mint.  Here’s a documentary about what makes this bar a bonanza of fun for Kansas Citians.


Coach’s Bar & Grill serves KC Chiefs drinks and shots, too. Coach’s is located at 9089 W. 135th St in Overland Park, KS 660221. Here’s what you drink to keep your spirits high during Sunday’s big game:

Mahomes Mimosa $8

Kelce Koolaid $7

The Tyreeki $7

Honey Badger Shots $5

Raging Ried Shots $5

What KC Chief’s food favorites are you serving for Sunday’s game?

Or do you prefer to watch the game at Anthonys, The Boulevard Beer Recreation Center, Top Golf, Minsky’s Pizza, Coach’s Bar and Grill, Chappell’s? Or do tell. Go Chiefs!


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