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Kansas City MO Bars

Kansas City MO bars include a wide variuety of options.
Kansas City MO Bars

Kansas City MO Bars

Kansas City MO has a vibrant nightlife scene with an answer for all tastes. Maybe you're in the mood for a relaxing bar with kraft beers. Maybe instead you'd prefer something with more energy at one of our local clubs. From dance floors to breweries and modern cocktails to speakeasies, Kansas City has it. You will find a wide variety of tastes and experiences in Kansas City bars. You can be taken back to the times of prohibition or go to the future. This city has it all covered.

Tom's Town Distilling Co

Tom's Town Distilling Co offers a classic mob style experience. Start with some mob themed cocktails like the Mugshot or Shoot the Messenger.

Chez Charlie Lounge

Chez Charlie Lounge is a classic dive bar that has won numerous awards over the year from The Pitch like:
  • Best Dive Bar
  • Best Bar Bathroom
  • Best Neighborhood Bar

The Brass Onion

The Brass Onion offers up great South Carolina style comfort food with intoxicating cocktails to boot. The Brass Onion Gibson to drink and The Brass Onion Dip to eat are good places to start.

Kansas City MO Karaoke Bars

Do you love to have a drink and get your groove on with friends? Check back as we're creating the ultimate list of karaoke bars in Kansas City.

Kansas City MO Breweries

Kansas City has awesome breweries you can check out. You can watch housemade beer made before your eyes while you taste it. Some breweries even offer a full restaurant menu and cocktails. Most breweries let you bring your own munchies if they don't serve food. Either way, Kansas City is well represented when it comes to homemade brew.

Historical Bars in Kansas City

There are some really fun and old bars in Kansas City. Old buildings and old bars, dating back to the prohibition era, have been gutted, renovated and brought back to life.

Boulevard Brewing Co.

Boulevard Brewing Co. brews their beers in a building built in 1929. They have become one of the larges brewers in the Midwest.  

Myers Hotel Bar

The Myers Hotel was built in 1880!

Stockyard Brewing

Stockyard Brewing is a sixty-five year old space that brews their own drinks and offers cocktails and snacks to boot.

Kansas City MO Sports Bars

We have a full list coming of the best places in Kansas City to watch a local sports team while you grab a drink.

Most fun bars in Kansas City

Are you looking for the most unique bars in Kansas City? Check back as we are putting out the ultimate list of interesting bars in the area.