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Kansas City MO Breweries

Kansas City MO Breweries.
kansas city mo breweries

Best Breweries Kansas City MO

There's something special about drinking at the very location your beverage was made. From the smells and sights, breweries are a fun place to visit and taste. Check out some Kansas City kraft beers.

Calibration Brewery

Calibration Brewery in the Northside of Kansas City offers up sixteen housemade brews and some fun bar food too.

City Barrel Brewing

City Barrel Brewing is unique on this list in that they offer a full food menu plus cocktail menu on top of housemade beers.

Kansas City Breweries

Callsign Brewing

Callsign Brewing is an awesome concept started by Air Force veteran Steve Sirois. Each batch of homemade beer is dedicated to a call sign of a crew that paid the ultimate price. They offer a very chill and fun atmosphere with lots of housemade beer on tap.

Alma Mader Brewing

Alma Mader Brewing offers weekly tastings of their diverse menu of housemade beers. Enjoy a Czech or Italian style pilsner while you watch your beers crafted in front of your eyes. They sell snacks but also encourage you to bring your own food.

What is a Kansas City MO brewery?

A brewery is a place where beer is made. While in the old days this was a place only for brewmasters today patrons can drink as they watch beer made before their eyes.

How is beer made?

Kansa City historic beers are typically brewed in this nine step process:
  • milling
  • malting
  • mashing
  • lautering
  • boiling
  • fermenting
  • conditioning
  • filtering
  • filling


Milling is the process where Kansas City breweries crush malt (beer is made by fermenting the sugars extracted from malted barley) into smaller pieces to be mashed and lautered.


Malting is a process where barley is soaked in water and then dried out.


Mashing is when you add moisture to the barley. Doing so start up enzymes in the malt.


Lautering is when the mash is separated into a clear liquid.


Boiling involves sterilizing the liquid. Hops are also added during boiling.


Fermentation helps give beer its alcohol and carbonation.


This helps make the beer in bottles sparkle.


Filtering helps keep the flavors of beer and gives it that nice shiny look.


Your beautiful beer is ready to be drunk and it just needs a to be filled into a bottle.

Kansas City Kraft Beers

Kansas City MO Breweries

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