Eat Drink Dive is a product of Geiger Media, a savvy team of digital marketing professionals who love promoting Kansas City’s locally-owned venues.  If you’re a Kansas City restaurant, bar, or boutique hotel, we’ll bring you new customers.

With packages starting at $200 annually, we won’t eat your lunch or your marketing budget like Yelp or TripAdvisor. We believe the family-owned restaurants and bars that gave Kansas City its “flavor” should be promoted passionately and affordably.

We also preach that your advertising should be bringing at least a 3:1 return on investment. We promise your investment with us will do at least that.

While our site traffic isn’t as robust as older publications (yet) and our prices reflect that. We currently reach 2,500 monthly website visitors (50,000 impressions). Plus we reach more than 10,000 other travelers and diners through our social media channels.

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The bottom line:  You could spend thousands of dollars a month going big and gaining nothing or a fraction of that being promoted on Eat Drink Dive. This summer our Top 10 blog posts are driving customers to Kansas City coffee shops, breweries, wineries, and Chez Charlie and the Peanut.

See Google Analytics stats shown below.

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10 Reasons to Advertise With Us

  1. We currently reach 2,500 monthly visitors.
  2. We constantly buy and build content around the words your customers are searching for.
  3. Spending $200 with us is cheaper than a night on the town (very low risk).
  4. No auto-renewals. We’ll earn your renewal and ask permission for it next year.
  5. A listing on EatDrinkDive is like hiring a local PR agency. We’ll manage the SEO, media pitching and storytelling for you.
  6. We’ll make people want to visit your venue continually through our social media channels.
  7. If you’re an advertiser, we’ll include your business in our lists and features just like we did with The Quaff whose story has been shared more than 500 times.
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  8. Your business can get promoted in other efforts such as the Dive Bar Challenge or Midwest Event Guide or 2020 Gift Guide.
  9. You can upgrade easily to a Top Pick listing ($400 annually). Our site visitors spend an average of six minutes a visit exploring our top pick listings.
  10. Best of all, we grandfather the first 10 advertisers each month into the $200 rate for life. You can put your advertising on cruise control financially while our organic growth soars.

    You have nothing to lose and tons of new customers to gain.

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Questions? Email Brenda Geiger or call us at 816-501-6042.