Rowdy Beaver Den

A Dive Bar with Big Teeth

Prior to the Rowdy Beaver, the restaurant was a run-down joint called West Oaks back (circa 2006).  After much cleaning, new construction and hard work, the Rowdy Beaver Restaurant & Tavern was officially born (circa November 2006).

The beaver name was chosen because of the restaurant’s location near Beaver Lake, Beaver Dam and Beaver Town. As for the rest of the name, the owners wanted something catchy and fun.  Many choces were presented (you can only imagine) and the Rowdy Beaver Restaurant & Tavern was officially named.  The owners alos had a lot of fun designing logos, creating murals and have received extraordinary customer appreciation for the name.

The Beaver has a fabulous atmosphere, wonderful food and it spares no expense to offer the best quality products and USDA Top Choice Handcut Steaks, hickory smoked ribs, brisket and pork, and many other great choices.

Come get rowdy at the Roawdy Beaver Den. Imagine the stories you can tell your grandchildren.

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