Alma Mader Brewing

Lager Crafted New Wave Style

Fresh. Approachable. Those two words describe the beer made by Nick Mader who caught the brewing bug working as a bartender at Boulevard Beer. Somewhat ironically, Alma Mader Brewing is located within walking distance of Mader’s old stomping grounds at Boulevard Brewing. This time around Mader is creating crafts based on his experience working in breweries across the country including Fremont Brewing in  Seattle and the Crooked Stave in Denver, Colo.

Mader also attended the International Centre for Brewing and Distilling at Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh, Scotland. Some come taste the fruit of this brewers labors, travels and understanding of science behind brewing the perfect batch.

Alma Mader produces hop-forward ales and lagers. With at least 16 beers on tap, the majority are pilsners, pale ales and IPAs. Come experience the craft of Mader.

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2635 Southwest Boulevard
Kansas City MO 64108
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