Blip Coffee Roasters

Coffee for Motorcycle Enthusiasts

Blip Roasters brews its own beans in a warehouse that trains used to pass through to pick up merchandise. The owner Ian Davis has built a community around the love of motorcycles and coffee both in the West Bottoms and on Troost.

Blip Roasters’s philosophy revolves around how we live our lives and is what drives us: community, loyalty, coffee and motorcycles. Riding moves us through life, and coffee is our opportunity to re-align during the curves thrown by the daily grind.

Blip serves Chelsea’s Bakehaus Star Bars and Fletcher’s Sandwiches.

If you go on the weekend, you’ll find the place marked by a parking lot of motorcycles of every kind.


Blip Roasters provides a high-quality product that doesn’t compromise when it comes to sustainability and renewability. We take pride in the origins of our coffees. The beans are bought at above fair-trade market rates from farmers throughout the world, who in turn use their profits to invest back in their communities.

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