Oddly Correct

Mornings Aren't Exceptional. Your Coffee Can Be.

An odd and capable crew of coffee zealots bent on kicking ass, being kind & living exotically in Kansas City.

Oddly Correct is considered to be on the foremost coffee roasters—serving sweet and complex coffees to coffee bars, restaurants and homes that are getting after excellence all over the world. They remain intentionally small and focused, getting after quality the best way it knows how: roasting small quantities of mind-opening specialty coffees.

Oddly Correct’s mission is to break people out of their rut, engage them with quality coffee, art and service, and help them experience something exotic in their everyday life. Oddly Correct’s hope —  to freak out your morning cup.

Other good coffee stops in Kansas City, include: Mildred’s, Messenger, Thou Mayest.

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    3940 Main Street
    Kansas City MO 64111
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