Green Dirt Farm

Artisan Cheese Fresh From the Farm

Green Dirt Farm is the place to get award-winning mixed milk and 100% sheep’s milk cheeses that are both traditional and unique, good for you and the planet, and will delight your senses and bring joy to your heart.

Green Dirt Farm Founder Sarah Hoffman started winning awards for her cheese in 2009.  Green Dirt Farm its won our first blue ribbon at the American Cheese Society annual competition, when its signature cheese, Bossa, won first place in the washed rind sheep’s milk category.

That early recognition from the artisan cheese community confirmed that Green Dirt Farm was onto something. Since its first year of making cheese for sale, its cheeses have won more than 80 awards in prestigious cheese and artisan food competitions like the American Cheese Society annual competition, the World Championship Cheese Contest, and the Good Food Awards, among others.

Congratulations to Green Dirt Farm for winning the 2018 Good Food Award for cheese with Prairie Tomme, a rustic, mountain-style, sheep’s milk cheese.

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