Il Lazzorone

il Lazzarone authentic Neapolitan pizzeria. Come to the table.

Il Lazzarone is family-owned. Chef Erik and Lesley Borger opened their second location in the Kansas City River Market in March of 2015.

This is the menu to brush up on your Italian and enjoy fresh ingredients and ponder an intensive wine and coctail menu. The bar has 30 beers on tap. If you’re there to drink or impress a date, make sure to sit in the rear of the restaurant where it is a bit more intimate and you can watch the bartenders at work.

II Lazzorone’s Acunto ovens are handmade with soil from the base of Mount Vesuvius by a family of fourth generation artisans. They are wood-fired and imported from Naples. Traditional law states a pizza must cook in less than 90 second to produce the signature leoparizing of the crust; Il Lazzarone cooks typically do it in less than 60, producing a lightly charred crust and soupy middle. Il Lazzarone ovens fire at an average temperature of 1000ºF (537ºC).

Dress lightly. The place gets very warm even in the winter due to oven temperatures. The pizza’s are 11 inches and meant to serve as a meal for one. There are no gluten-free crusts. If you are gluten intolerant, order an insalata.

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