Messenger Coffee

Real good coffee, for the people

If you’re looking for a quiet little coffee shop to read the paper, this is not it. Visualize Chicago’s Crate and Barrel then picture three floors of people having coffee and scones — that’s Messenger. It’s definitely a  favorite spot for KC coffee and doing some creative work or networking.

If you want quiet, the penthouse level of Messenger is called the Dunlap Room. It’s the quiet zone. The Dunlap room is available to rent for meetings during the weekdays, leaving it for bookish coffee lovers to enjoy on weekends.

Ibis bakery is located on the first floor because bread and coffee bring people together. Bread + KC Coffee = Fuel for the Day.

Ibis focuses on organic, local, and seasonal ingredients of the highest quality. The menu changes often so check the website or just drop by. You won’t be disappointed.

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1624 Grand Boulevard
Kansas City MO 64108
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