Old Market Passageway

An Artsy Alley with Nostaglic Plants, Brick, and Merch

The Old Market is Omaha’s most historic, most entertaining neighborhood. The cobblestone streets are home to a diverse mix of shopping, galleries, restaurants, taverns and people-watching.

Have your phone on the ready for photos of the Old Market Passageway. The one-time alley was developed about three decades ago into a series of shops and restaurants. You can find a mélange of interests – Mexican food and steak dinners, international clothing and curiosity items at stores. You can browse a litany of books, as well as check out an array of artwork. Most interior and exterior businesses have been a part of the Passageway for decades.

Passageway Gallery is an Old Market Co-op Gallery that offers original art in different media by local artists. At the Passageway Gallery you will find original works in: Oil, Acrylic, Watercolor, Pastel, Pencil, Scratchboard, Photography, Stained Glass, Sculpture, Pottery, Cast Paper, Copper Sculpture, and more. Plus a delightful array of hand crafted seasonal items. Many of these specialties are featured at our First Friday events.

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