Amateur Coffee

Among Top 10 Best Vegan Coffee Shops in Omaha

Regulars go to Amateur Coffee for the best coffee and vegan lattes in Omaha. If you’re a coffee snob, Amateur is your place. And, Amateur ranks #6 of the 10 Best Local Vegan Coffee Shops in Omaha.

A husband and wife team, Jacob and Jasmyn Wichert, started Amateur Coffee because of their addiction to only the best beans and service. And so they both could make a living as artists.

The shop is small, yet big on flavor. Enjoy great brew alongside vegan breakfast and lunch items, including vegan pastries made by a nearby neighborhood bakeshop (Sweet Mags), gluten-free waffles, and more.

Amateur Coffee serves Oat Milk Lattés plus Capps, along with a plethora of other traditional coffee beverages.

Enjoy non-coffee specialty drinks and herbal teas by Artemis Teas. Where is your favorite coffee in the Midwest?

vegan latte
CeCe Geiger enjoys her vegan latte at Amateur Coffee.
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