Midwest Roadtrips Are Good for Your Marriage, Sex Life, and Savings

midwest roadtrip

When was your last vacation or Midwest roadtrip? Could you use a vacation right now? Have your past vacations left you financially spent? Have you tabled vacations because of the risk of flying and the pandemic? Enough.

Taking Midwest roadtrips are the answer. Midwest roadtrips make us happy and we think they will you, too. We are definitely less cranky when we have frequent trips to look forward to. Plus, being adventurous on road and off translates into better marital bonding, if you can read between the roadmap lines.

We’re here to sell you on how to milk the Midwest roadtrips for all they’re worth without spending your entire savings like we felt we were doing during 2016, 2017, and 2018.

Tom and I realized we couldn’t keep spending $4,000 a pop to go to Ireland, Belize and other international adventures as we did early in our marriage. We also realized we had just as much fun going to Des Moines, Bentonville, and Omaha, Stockton, Rogers, Liberty, and other fantastic places within driving distance of our home in Kansas City, MO.

Why spend a wad of cash on epic vacations every other year, when you can stretch those dollars into many, mini Midwest road trips and vacations every year? That ah-ha moment gave this site lift off.

After doing the math, it became clear that we could take one epic international vacation every two-three years or enjoy six to eight long weekends or Midwest roadtrips every year because the average domestic vacation costs less than half that of traveling abroad (as you can see in the graph below).

Want to know the best part? We’re hell-bent on satisfying your hunger for whiskey and wonder in the Midwest. Because after all, isn’t that what we need right now?  A drive through a countryside, national park, or balloon fest? Taking off early on a Friday for a Midwest road trip to someplace close to recharge your weary mind and body from the abuse 2020 has reeked on it.

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