Brenda GeigerHi, I’m Brenda Geiger. I grew up on a farm, but fell in love with the city — Kansas City.

I almost moved away twice, but just couldn’t bring my self to abandom this glorious, shiny, seedy, affordable, friendly, naughty, ever-evolving city. I strip her down and show you her finer parts in this blog, which I started right smack dab in the middle of the pandemic.

Researching and writing it has truly kept me sane while being quarantined. I hope it inspires you to book endless trips to Kansas City to try out my itineraries and drink up my bar and restaurant recommendations.

A bit more about me. I hunger for good food and forage for hidden haunts and hideways in and near Kansas City to share with you. I eat a paleo diet fortified with wine, gin and tequilla. I have a dive bar fetish as deep and wide as the Missouri River.

I got hooked on dive bars while boostrapping my way through college. I was a cocktail waittress at the Granary in Warrensburg, Mo and pocketed the money from the pool tables at the Ozark Inn in Excelsior Springs, Mo., for tuition.

The pool table money paid for a good chunk of my journalism degree and a lot of tipsy weenies at Old Barney’s, which served as  dinner after J classes.

A lot of the bar and restaurant posts you’ll read here are about Kanas City’s most endearing pubs that have outlasted some pretty piss poor times. My favorite pub, The Quaff, has survived mafia bombings, recessions, redevelopments, franchise competition, no-smoking laws, and now a pandemic.

Consider this website your gold mine for the latest brews, hidden haunts, cantakerous bar owners, juiciest burgers, and most frivolous entertainment in the greatest city on the planet.

Come take a walk on the wild side with me and stay awhile.

If want more whiskey and wonder in your life, please subscribe before you leave. You’ll get a newsletter once a month if you’re lucky.

WIIFM:  Brenda Geiger promises to pack her KC update with inspiration to devour for big-bang moments in the Paris of the Plains you otherwise might miss.


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