midwest bloggerHi, I’m Brenda Geiger. I’m a farm girl who loves to eat and drink the good stuff. Non-GMO foods and top-shelf liquor, please.

Following these passions and my love of writing, I began this blog right smack dab in the middle of the pandemic.

It’s truly kept me sane while being quarantined and helped me do my part in helping save the planet. I’m an ambassador for PlentyWorld and you’ll see many blatant and tongue in cheek posts on my social media about ways we can all do better living greener and kinder.

 I hope my blog influences you to have a good time while being kind to our exhausted planet.

The stories and tips my blogging team share are based on five simple beliefs:
  • We  believe in living wild and eating wild.
  • We  believe in farm to table restaurants, family-owned breweries and businesses and farmer’s markets.
  • We believe domestic travel brings domestic bliss.
  • We  believe in being kind to one other and the planet.
  • We believe 2021 gives us an opportunity to create a new and better life and world.

My husband and I have had the privilege to travel around the world before the pandemic. During the pandemic we saw pollution drop, wildlife return, and how much healthier and happier the planet was without the world churning.

We decided this was a good thing and not to return to our normal ways of life — rushed, exhausted, following suit, and not living as green us possible so we could breathe and the planet could breathe for decades and generatons to come.

We want to help you find life-changing dining and travel exeperiences that:

  • Widen your perspective
  • Challenge your beliefs
  • Shake you awake into your own life.

We’ve eaten fast (and crap) food and we’ve traveled on fossil-fuel sucking planes and ships.  Most of those meals and some of the trips — particulary our 2019 cruise — left us feeling depleted, excessive and guilty. The planet was better for our actions and neither were we.

We’re changing our evil ways and frequenting farm-to-table restaurants in the greenest cities in America.

What Drives Us:

My team’s ultimate goal is to help you enrich (and green up) your life through slow dining, slow travel, slow, quiet moments enjoying  farm-to-table meals at green restaurants watching a glowing orange sunset. Then watching the sunrise while you lay in your tent or eco-friendly hotel/lodge/spa somewhere in the great Midwest in pure bliss. By slowing down and walking softly and living in concert with farmers, chefs, and green communities, you can

  • Break free from expectations society places on you
  • Discover grand, green adventures right here in the land of the free
  • Make your trips more fulfilling, meaningful, enriching in the grand scheme of the circle of life not just your life.
If you feel the same, please subscribe before you leave. You’ll get a newsletter once a month if you’re lucky.  I’ll pack it with inspiration to devour more of the life affordably, sustainably, and with big-bang moments you otherwise might miss.


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