We’re passionate about helping family-based businesses stay profitable, open and happy. It pains us to see doors close. We love to celebrate 50th anniversaries with owners who have endured through the decades like Joe Bonino of The Quaff.

We know there are great outlets to advertise your business such as The Pitch, Feast magazine, 435 Magazine, The Kansas City Star, 360KC. We also know many charge thousands of dollars for a print ad and as much as our basic listing for a classified ad.

Because we’re the new kid on the block and don’t have a  large following yet, we’re offering extra perks to win your business:

  • Social media shoutouts for all paid listings (and we sizzle on social)
  • Free PR — we answer media inquires everyday and connect online and traditional reporters to the businesses who do business with us.
  • We will be offering webinars on marketing and event strategies for restaurants & retailers — which will be free to the businesses who do business with us.
  • Who wouldn’t want to do business with a communications and PR team who only have your best interests at heart?